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GPSOSD module

GPSOSD: One of Ethan's projects

While experimenting with video cameras, transmitters and learning to use a microcontroller (for the RC Helicopter Autopilot project), I implemented (well, sort of) a circuit which would add GPS position data into the video signal before transmission with an OSD chip. That wasnt a new product or idea, there are several circuits available that do just that, but I wanted to do it smaller (using only SMD components) and learn a few things in the process (it was a hard project to learn by, took about a month, blinking LED's didnt keep me busy for very long)

Prototype v1

The finished circuit v1

The first version of my circiut was also my my first SMD circuit, the first PCB I've done in 15 years, and my first contact with microcontrollers. I also designed my own programming circuit, as I wanted a simple in-circuit programming possibility (it actually had to be in-circuit because the PIC is SMD which is non-removable) and also i wanted to use the LVD, low voltage programming option, which most PIC users and programmers seem not to like, I dont know why, I hated the idea of providing an extra +12V DC supply when all I needed was the regulated +5V which was already driving the circuit. Anyway I had to add several resistor-transistor-combinations in mid-air-wiring to make it all work, but when (and if) I redesign the PCB for a version 2 that will all only take up 1-2cm² of space.

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