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Kontron Epanel

very flat SBC with lots of features:

  • Via Eden CPU 300-1000 Mhz, CLE266 Chipset with mpeg2
  • CF, Cardbus AND miniPCI slots!
  • 100Mbit Ethernet
  • 3x USB2
  • TV out
  • Touch screen controller (4/8 wire, optional 5)
  • 8-28V power input
  • 140x180mm
  • price: over 400€

Commell LE-362

  • Low profile, Low power
  • Via Eden 667 Mhz, CLE266 Chipset
  • 3.5" form factor, 146x101mm
  • 128MB Onboard SDRAM (optional +30€)
  • S0-DIMM socket (max 512MB)
  • IDE interfaces (1x40pin, 1x44pin)
  • TV-out
  • 10/100Mbit LAN
  • USB 2.0
  • bootable CF socket (configured as IDE2 master)
  • PC/104+ PCI bus
  • only +12V and +5V required
  • priced under 300$

Evalue ECM-3611

  • Via C3 1Ghz, Via CLE266 Chipset (TV out? Check, I dont think so!)
  • S0DIMM max 1GB
  • CF socket
  • PC/104+ PCI connector
  • 4x USB2
  • AT/ATX power req.
  • 146x101mm, 200g
  • Price: 206,50€ @ 200pcs


Comparison chart

These boards all have a bootable CF slot (IDE compatible), Via Unichrome CLE266 chipset,

Board CPU Video RAM IDE SATA USB LAN Power CF Expansion Bus Bulk Price
ECM-3611 C3 1Ghz VGA, LVDS S0DIMM, max 1GB 2xUDMA133 2xSATA 4xUSB2 1x100Mbit AT/ATX yes PC/104+ PCI 206,50€
ePanel-C3 C3 300-1000Mhz VGA, LVDS, TTL-LCD S0DIMM 1x(CF) 1x(normal)  ? 3xUSB2 1x100Mbit 8-28VDC yes miniPCI, Cardbus tbd
LE-362 C3 667Mhz VGA, TTL-LCD, TV optional 128MB onboard (+30$), max 512MB S0DIMM 1x40pin, 1x44pin no 2xUSB2 1x100Mbit +5V and +12V yes (on IDE2) PC/104+ PCI 200$


  • Via Eden CPU, also called Via C3-2, Nehemiah
  • VT1622M: included in most Via CLE266 chipsets, provides TV-out (NTSC or PAL) via composite (CVBS) and SVIDEO connectors
  • TTL-LCD interface: appears to be different from LVDS, for interfacing with TFT panels
  • LVDS: interface standard for LCD panels, often 2x18bit, primarily used with industrial displays, not interesting for consumers
  • PC/104: standard ISA bus connector for PC/104 peripheral cards
  • PC/104+: standard PCI bus connector for PC/104+ peripheral cards
  • CF: CompactFlash Cards are re-writable (about 10.000 times), cheap and common, have an interface very similar to IDE and are easily adapted to IDE or PCMCIA/Cardbus slots. Not a full replacement for harddisks because they will wear out when frequently written to, but if the programming is done with this in mind, and uses ramdisk for temporary storage, this is not a problem
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